February is Standards of Practice Awareness Month

genstandardsEach year, all 12 of the Eastside offices participate in a campaign to highlight Windermere Real Estate’s “Standards of Practice.” For the entire month of February, Standards of Practice Awareness takes center stage in each office with the “blue folder” containing several documents created by brokers to help brokers attain the goal of the highest client satisfaction.

Windermere Real Estate brokers “set the standard” and follow a strict etiquette to best serve our clients. Our commitment to these standards is part of what sets Windermere apart and strengthens our resolve. They draw a clear picture of our culture and what our clients, colleagues, and community can expect from us. In turn, we trust this translates into a more satisfying real estate experience and peace-of-mind for our clients knowing that doing right by them is our highest priority.

It’s for these reasons and Standards of Practice that nearly one third of Eastside sellers select Windermere to market and sell their properties. Brokers in the northwest have listed Windermere as the company they are most confident in doing a transaction with due to the high caliber of Windermere’s professionals.

Click picture for full size image.
Click picture for full size image.

What does this mean for the Eastside?

Our brokers on the Eastside are poised to help you through your buying and selling experiences. We hold high value and honor to these Standards of Practice and apply them to every interaction, customer relationship, and transaction. The ultimate benefit for you as a client is a broker who is practiced and ready to offer you the best experience.

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