Windermere Helps Hopelink

hopelinkWindermere Kirkland Northeast will be teaming up with Hopelink at a local food bank. Hopelink is a community action agency that has served homeless and low-income families, children, seniors and people with disabilities since 1971. The agency has five multi-purpose service centers, and five housing sites throughout north and east King County. The service centers are equipped with food banks, and a staff of specialists offering various support programs, such as family development, adult education, employment training, home heating assistance and more.

IMG_0769-2The staff and brokers from Windermere Kirkland Northeast will be working at a local Hopelink food bank on Friday. Some of the brokers will be out collecting donations for the food bank. Everyone else will be very busy at the facility sorting all the food that came in from the National Letter Carriers food drive a few weeks ago. Remember the blue bag on your mailbox?

Want to find out more about Hopelink? Visit their website and see how you can connect with them online!