Windermere Helps the Emergency Feeding Program

Over the next several days, we’ll be highlighting the organizations each Windermere Real Estate office on the Eastside will be partnering with on Friday, June 3 for Community Service Day.

rentonThe brokers and staff at Windermere Renton will be volunteering with the Emergency Feeding Program for this year’s Community Service Day. The organization’s mission is to “provide a nutritional response to people in need of immediate food assistance by collaborating with partner agencies.” They deliver pre-packaged bags of food to 240 distribution partners who in turn give these out to people in need.

Windermere Renton is going to be spending time in the warehouse for Emergency Feeding Program next week. They’ll be cleaning up the warehouse and helping them organize the bags of food for delivery to their distribution partners.

Visit the Emergency Feeding Program online and follow them on Facebook to find out how you can help.