2017 Windermere Eastside Kick-off


Last week, over 500 brokers from offices across the Eastside (and even Chelan!) gathered at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue for the annual Windermere Eastside Kick-off event to prepare and get motivated for the 2017 housing market. Speakers shared their insights and predictions for the year ahead so our brokers can be better prepared to serve their clients.

Opportunity – Synergy – Endurance

eastsidekickoff-144Kicking off the event was Matt Deasy, owner of Windermere Real Estate/East, Inc., to share three takeaway values and reminders as we prepare to take on the red-hot Seattle real estate market.

Windermere brokers provide value to our clients in three different ways: opportunity, synergy, and endurance. In the greater Seattle area, we are uniquely poised to take advantage of the strong economy and educate our customers on our housing market.

Top Producer Broker Panel

eastsidekickoff-158Next up was a broker panel with some of the Eastside’s top producing brokers moderated by Mike Connolly, owner of Windermere Real Estate/Central, Inc. The broker panel included Nicole Mangina (Bellevue Commons), Jay Agoado (Mercer Island), Ruth Harle (East, Inc.), Clive Egdes (Kirkland – Central), and Tony Butz (East, Inc.). These brokers shared tips, ideas, and personal anecdotes about what has improved and made a positive impact on their businesses.

Technology Update

eastsidekickoff-227Shawn Prutsman, Vice President of Technology with Windermere Services, also spoke on some of the technological updates we can expect this year.

Windermere’s leading tech services help our brokers and customers. Through our innovative tools, we are able to provide outstanding marketing and technological support to help our clients sell their homes quicker, and to help buyers with the selling process.

Economic Forecast

eastsidekickoff-240Matthew Gardner, Windermere Real Estate’s Chief Economist, attended to share his forecast for the 2017 housing market. While he has shared some general reports with predictions, Gardner provided our brokers with an in depth analysis of the economy and the local real estate market. We always appreciate his insight and statistics as we educate our clients on the financial choices they make in the purchase or sale of their homes.

Home Design Trends for 2017

eastsidekickoff-277In a special panel moderated by Peter Hickey, owner of Windermere Real Estate/Northeast, Inc., architecture and design specialists described Northwest home design trends we might be seeing more of this year. This panel featured Sheri Olson of Sheri Olson Architecture, Susan Marinello of Susan Marinello Interiors, Inc., and Brenda Gage with JayMarc Homes.

With a large influx of newcomers to the area, home buyer design interests and trends are shifting. Outgoing trends like microwaves over ranges, and incoming trends like designed mudrooms were hot topics. The three discussed how we will probably see a resurgence in architecture to reflect the environment.

The Right Mindset for 2017

eastsidekickoff-292Then it was time to wrap up the event and get everyone in the right mindset for the new year. Dan Givens with Windermere Professional Development shared his three main ways to help positively approach the new year. The bonus with these steps is they can be used every day and will benefit everyone regardless of where they work in the real estate industry. If you tell yourself you will have fun, meet nice people, and set a goal to help someone solve a problem each day, you will have no choice but to have a positive and successful year.

The Windermere Eastside Kick-off was an inspiring event with useful information to help our brokers prepare for and embrace for the year ahead. We are excited to put this knowledge to good use as we help you navigate the listing or sale of your home in 2017!

Buyers Benefit with Windermere Real Estate

buyers-benefitWe’re in a seller’s market, no doubt. But our brokers work hard to make sure that buyers see every benefit available to them.

Before they help you buy your home, Windermere Real Estate brokers help you find the perfect home for you. They go the extra mile and scour the listings to find the home that best fits your needs and lifestyle. In our 2015 survey of Windermere customers, 44 percent of buyers said their broker introduced them to the property while 37 percent found it themselves online. Our brokers do more than help you with the paperwork. They help you navigate the housing market with ease.

Windermere Real Estate brokers also hold the advantage in multiple offer situations when home sales often go over list price. With their expert knowledge and education, our brokers work hard to get you your new home and make your offer stand above the rest.

Our brokers will get the job done quickly. We’re all too familiar with the cost of waiting to buy a home, so trust that your broker will help you get into your new home as quickly and stress-free as possible.

If you’re ready to jump into our spring housing market, make sure you get in touch with a Windermere Real Estate broker today. We’ll help you buy the home of your dreams.

2016 Eastside Windermere Kick-off

We had a wonderful Eastside Windermere Kick-off yesterday to get our brokers ready for 2016! It was full of information, fantastic speakers, and plenty of inspiration for helping our buyers and sellers move this year.

Economic Update

Matthew Gardner and Skylar Olson
Windermere Chief Economist Matthew Gardner and Zillow‘s Skylar Olson had a great discussion to open up our event. They talked about wage growth, our strong economy, why there’s no bubble threat, and more. Mortgage rates will be increasing, but to what level? While we may end up somewhere between 4.4 and 4.9 percent, the biggest hurdle will be psychological as buyers realize we’ve crossed into the 4 percent realm.

One of the strongest takeaways from Gardner and Olson was their overview of millennials in our housing market. It’s not just student loans holding them back from purchasing a home. While it may play part of the equation, the bigger issue is actually rising rent costs. Millennials are putting off social events like marriage, families, etc., until later in life and thus renting longer. As they’re trapped renting in the expensive rental market longer, they’re struggling to save enough for a downpayment. This is especially true in our region.

Legal Update

Justin Hagg and Lars Neste
Attorneys Justin Hagg from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service and Lars Neste from Demco Law Firm also got on stage to walk us through changes in MLS guidelines and real estate law.

We’ll be seeing some new forms to use in 2016 and helpful changes to the system so we can focus on making buying and selling your home easier.

Do It Well. Make It Fun.

Ron CulbersonOur keynote speaker was Ron Culberson who encouraged brokers to always add humor to our lives. This applies to more than just our work lives. Managing stress, communication, and the ups and downs of work are his focus, and we encourage you to check him out yourself!

The Eastside Windermere Kick-off was an inspiring event full of information to help our brokers prepare and get excited for the year ahead. We’re excited to put this knowledge to good use as we help you navigate the listing or sale of your home in 2016!

Eastside Brokers Prepare for 2016

Matthew Gardner
Last year, Windermere brokers across the Eastside were prepped and excited for 2015 at our annual Eastside Windermere Kick-Off.

There’s even more this year as we prepare for real estate in 2016. At the sold out 2016 Eastside Windermere Kick-Off on Wednesday, Jan. 27, we’ll have five outstanding speakers who are extremely knowledgable about our housing market. Windermere’s own Matthew Gardner and Zillow’s Skylar Olson will present on the economy. Demco Law Firm’s Lars Neste and Northwest Multiple Listing Service’s Justin Hagg will also present along with keynote speaker Ron Culberson.


Windermere Real Estate’s brokers work hard to bring you the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on our local housing market. At the 2016 Eastside Windermere Kick-Off, we’ll be giving them the best information from local experts to help make your buying or selling experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.


SKCR Installation & Awards Banquet

A couple of weeks ago, the Realtor Installation banquet took place. Several awards were given out and the 2016 board leadership was installed, including Patti Thorne Hill who was sworn in as the 2016 Seattle-King County REALTOR president! Starting off her 2016 SKCR President term, she made a speech that was eloquent, funny, heart felt, and inspirational. We’d also like to say congratulations to the many others that were installed and won awards. Thank you for being such incredible representatives of Windermere and Realtors everywhere.

SKCR Installation Pamphlet


2016 Seattle King County REALTORS President:
Patti Hill, Windermere Real Estate/NW, Inc
2016 Seattle King County REALTORS Board of Directors:
Darci Gillespie, Windermere Real Estate/NW, Inc.
Trish Englund, Windermere RE/East Inc | Yarrow Bay
Debbie Rippeteau, Windermere Real Estate NE Inc.
Lynn Sanborn, Windermere RE/East Inc. | Yarrow Bay
Peter Wolf, Windermere RE/Wall Street, Inc.
VP Business Practices:
Rachel Adler, Windermere RE | Bellevue
VP Government Affairs:
Shane Davies, Windermere RE/Maple Valley


REALTOR Community Service Award – CoHo Team, Windermere Real Estate/Wall Street, Inc.
Governmental Affairs Volunteer of the Year Award – Larry and Kathleen Powell, Windermere Real Estate/East, Inc.

SKCR_Director Installation