Windermere Helps Save a Forgotten Equine

WoodinvilleSAFEThis Friday, the brokers and staff and Windermere Woodinville will be partnering with Save a Forgotten Equine (SAFE) for Community Service Day 2015. Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and retrain horses facing neglect or abuse and provide them with the best opportunity for a permanent home and a lifetime of safety. Since 2005, SAFE has been rescuing and rehabilitating horses that have been starved, neglected, abused or are unwanted. They have formal agreements in place with Animal Control agencies in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties to support their fight to protect horses in this region. SAFE also provides assistance to horse owners struggling to care for their animals in the current economy.

WoodinvilleEveryone at Windermere Woodinville is excited to volunteer their day to helping the horses and staff at SAFE. They’ll be doing a lot of work pressure washing the barn and arena and then repairing, scraping and painting the wood fences. They are also hoping to get started on their upcoming Pasture Paradise system which will promote mental enrichment among the horses by encouraging moving about more often and interacting with obstacles.

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Pacific Northwest Equestrian Life

Riders and hounds of Woodbrook Hunt Club
Riders and hounds of Woodbrook Hunt Club

The Pacific Northwest is home to one of the strongest and most vibrant equestrian communities in the country. From the gorgeous Willamette Valley in the south to Lynden and British Columbia in the north, the Pacific Northwest hosts excellent training facilities across all equestrian disciplines. From Grand Prix show jumping, dressage and hunting, to three day eventing, vaulting, reining and rodeo, a Northwest horse person never lets a little rain come between her breeches and her saddle.

Why are we so willing to ride in the rain? I’m not sure if it’s the romantic image of riding in the rain, or a tradition of love for equine sports passed from generation to generation. East of the rainy parts, Eastern Washington hay is among the highest quality hay in the country, and Washington State University has one of the best equine research and veterinary schools found anywhere.

Horse lovers are also drawn to our area by state of the art facilities like Pegasus Training and Equine Rehabilitation Center in Redmond, WA. Envisioned and owned my Dr. Mark Dedomenico, Pegasus is a state of the art training and rehabilitation facility which trains and treats the best race horses and sport horses in the world, suffering from various injuries or who just need conditioning. With hyperbaric chambers, nuclear scintigraphy, equine therapy pools and an excellent staff, Pegasus is the facility of choice for horse owners worldwide.

Do you need a certified acupuncturist or chiropractor for your equine companion? You are living in the right area for that, too. Just ask Dr. Joanne Fehr of Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital. Not only is Dr. Fehr a Board Certified Equine Surgeon, she is also an accredited Equine Chiropractor and Acupuncturist. This integrated approach to treating our equine partners can sometimes make the difference between life and death and can certainly manage chronic pain and ease the stress our horses feel after a traumatizing event or surgery.

No need to jump the pond and head to Downton Abbey for the chance to ride to the hounds in a traditional hunt. Woodbrook Hunt Club in Lakewood, WA, the oldest hunt club west of the Mississippi, is celebrating 98 years of traditional hunt club activities. Jennifer Hansen, Huntsman, and Melody Fleckenstein, Master of Foxhounds, will lead you on an unforgettable hunt over gorgeous terrain. Adhering to ancient traditions of the hunt you can ride for the day or commit yourself to earning your “colors” toward your own scarlet hunt coat.

ImageStoreRain or shine, there are few places better suited to the equestrian lifestyle than our great Pacific Northwest. If you’d like more information on our local equestrian life, contact KiamaLise at kiama at windermere dot com or

KiamaLise Herres is an equestrian real estate specialist with Windermere Real Estate/East, Inc. She lives with her husband, two children and four horses on their farm in Fall City.

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