2016 Windermere Foundation Recipients

Every year, the Eastside Windermere Foundation, with representatives from each of the 12 Windermere Real Estate offices on the Eastside, comes together to select the grant recipients of the Eastside Windermere Foundation.

In 2016, we chose a record number of 19 organizations to receive grants created from the support of every Windermere Real Estate transaction from the Eastside. These grants will provide services and support for the community.

Below is a full list of the local organizations the Eastside Windermere Foundation was able to support this year.

Acres of Diamonds

This grant provides women and children transitional housing and support programs to rebuild lives from domestic abuse and/or substance abuse.

Assistant League

This grant goes to the Operation School Bell program that provides basic items of clothing to low-income students, grades K-12.

Attain Housing

This grant provides affordable housing to homeless families with children as well as case management for setting financial and social goals.

Backpack Meals

This grant provides weekend meals to Bellevue School District students who are homeless and would otherwise go hungry.

Bellevue LifeSpring

This grant supports the Breaktime-Mealtime Program which provides 80,000 meals to children during school breaks.

Birthday Dreams

This grant provides birthday celebrations for homeless youth, specifically through their Birthday-in-a-Box Program.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Bellevue

This grant supports Project Learn after school and summer camp programs at three low-income housing Clubhouses.

Congregation for the Homeless/Valley Renewal Center

This is a first-time grant recipient. This grant provides food, toiletries, clothing, blankets, etc. to homeless families.

Eastside Academy

This grant pays for food expenses for homeless and poverty-level students while they attend this alternative school.

Eastside Baby Corner

This grant provides essentials like diapers and formula to economically disadvantaged children from birth to 12 years.


This is a first-time grant recipient. This grant supports the Pantry Pack Program which provides lunches to poverty-level children in the 36 Lake Washington School District schools.

Imagine Housing

This is a first-time grant recipient. This grant will target under 18-year-olds in their Support Services Program that provides affordable housing and life skill case management in East King County.

Issaquah Community Services

This grant will provide emergency aid in the form of utility payments to low-income families in the Issaquah School District.


This grant provides developmental support, screening, and early intervention therapies to very young children of homeless families.


This grant supports the Hotel-Motel Voucher Program which provides emergency short-term stays in hotels and motels for victims of domestic violence.

Mamma’s Hands

This grant supports three Houses of Hope that house mothers and children from abuse and homelessness and helps them develop individual plans to bring changes to their lives.

Royal Family Kids Camp

This grant supports summer camp for abused, neglected, and abandoned foster children age seven to 11.


This grant supports the Little Wishes Program which allows foster care youth to participate in extracurricular arts, athletics, and other educational experiences.

Youth Eastside Services

This is a first-time grant recipient. This grant supports YES Lifeline, a service that provides free mental health counseling and substance abuse treatment to low-income East King County youth and families.

Windermere Foundation Recipient: Attain Housing

attain2014Last year we were honored to support many organizations through the Windermere Foundation. Attain Housing is a local nonprofit that received one of these grants. They are a highly regarded organization devoted to helping families on the Eastside. This grant helps provide affordable housing to homeless families with children as well as case management for setting financial and social goals.

Attain-Housing-Logo-KITHAttain Housing offers opportunities for self-sufficiency and a strong support network in addition to affordable and stable housing. Since 1989, they have helped countless families in Eastside communities move away from homelessness and toward a stable and comfortable lifestyle. Their Annual Fall Benefit is also coming up this month on Saturday, September 26th, so be sure to check out more information and see how you can help.

Thank you, Attain Housing, for all you’ve done and continue to do for homeless families in our community!

Find out more about Attain Housing and how you can help on their website.

Windermere Foundation Recipient: Treehouse

Treehouse check presentationThe Windermere Foundation is excited to be supporting a number of local non-profits this year. One of the organizations receiving a grant from the Eastside Windermere Foundation is Treehouse. This grant supports Little Wishes which provides in-school and extracurricular activities to foster youth. They also offer other services like academic support and their free store called The Wearhouse.

treehouseTreehouse invests in the lives of young people who have faced the deep wounds from a crisis of parenting. In helping them to secure the essential education, basic material needs, and social experiences they equally deserve, Treehouse helps kids in foster care discover their own resilience and strength. They are committed to leveling the playing field for youth in foster care so that each is included, may prosper in, and can contribute to society. Treehouse is the only agency in King County that provides youth in foster care with the essential and academic supports they equally deserve to help them graduate at the same rate as their peers with a plan for their future.

Thanks for everything you do for the youth in our community, Treehouse! We are honored to be supporting your organization.

Find out more about Treehouse on their website and see how you can support them.

Windermere Foundation Recipient: Issaquah Schools Foundation

issaquahschoolsWe’re taking a closer look at another Windermere Foundation recipient today helping students on the Eastside. The Issaquah Schools Foundation works with the Issaquah School District and drives resources to help all students achieve the promise of their academic potential. This grant supports their newer Pre-K/Kindergarten Summer School.

The Issaquah Schools Foundation is a non-profit organization that drives resources to help all students achieve the promise of their academic potential. They do this by bridging the gap between funds the state provides for basic education and the dollars our schools need to prepare students for success in school and life. Their vision is to be the unifying organization that enables the Issaquah School District to provide access to exceptional opportunities district-wide that ignite learning, improve educational outcomes and prepare all students to be confident, competent and engaged citizens.

The Pre-K/Kindergarten Summer School Program debuted 2012 and has grown from serving 36 students at one location to enhancing the education of 120 students at three sites. Moving forward, the Issaquah Schools Foundation looks to expand to more locations and place more emphasis on overcoming barriers to participation of students who most need the program. The results of this program have reflected its effectiveness. Upon an analysis by the Issaquah School District, they found that growth among students who attended the program was over twice that of non-attendees. The Issaquah Schools Foundation feels this is a solid indication of the impact the program is having on young low-income, ELL and at-risk children.

Thank you Issaquah Schools Foundation for all that you do and the students you support!

Visit the Issaquah Schools Foundation website for more information and learn about some of the other programs they offer.

Windermere Foundation Recipient: Harrington House

FullSizeRenderToday we’re highlighting another Windermere Foundation recipient on the Eastside working hard to support local families. The Harrington House provides transitional housing with supportive services to women, 18 years and older, who are pregnant and/or parenting and homeless. This grant will apply to expenses related to the delivery of case management services to pregnant and new mothers, including parenting skills, job or education placement, and mental and physical health treatment.

Residents of Harrington House may stay up to one year to allow for long-term stability, skill development, and long-lasting change. They meet weekly with the case manager to review their goals and progress. In addition, residents attend weekly parenting classes every Thursday to build the bond between mother and child. The women will work together to learn trust and will self-monitor each other as they learn new life skills and work on a transition to permanent housing.

Their approach to helping new mothers in difficult situations is truly inspiring. Thank you for all you do for these families, Harrington House!

Visit the Harrington House website to see how you can help through donations or volunteering, or to learn more about the organization.