Helping Students Realize Their Dreams Through Scholarship Programs

The Windermere Foundation has raised $1,611,802 so far this year, bringing the total amount raised by the Foundation to over $37 million since 1989. Through the third quarter of 2018, $1,214,576 has been donated to local non-profits and charity organizations that provide services to low-income and homeless families.

Through donations from Windermere agents, staff, franchise owners, and the community, the Windermere Foundation has been able to donate to local scholarship programs that help students in need realize their dreams of furthering their education. The following are examples of two programs that have benefitted from Windermere Foundation donations this year.

Seattle Central College Foundation Scholarship Program

Each Windermere office raises its own funds and has a Windermere Foundation account that it can use to make donations to organizations in their local communities. This fall, the Windermere Seattle-Capitol Hill office generously donated to the Seattle Central College Foundation’s scholarship program, which is helping nearly 500 students attend the college this year, relieved of financial stress, and encouraging them to stay committed to their education.

Tammara S., the recipient of the Windermere Real Estate/Capitol Hill Scholarship, said,

“I am honored to be the recipient of this scholarship… Attending school with an already tight budget was a hard decision to make. This scholarship will ease the stress of extra debt and the fear of having to choose anything over my education. Thank you, I appreciate your confidence in me and willingness to contribute to my future education.”

University of Washington Certificate Scholarship Program

The Windermere Foundation general fund also made a donation to support the University of Washington Certificate Scholarship program. With the help of UW Certificate Scholarships and the Windermere Foundation, 12 local adults living on low incomes were able to start classes at the University of Washington this fall. These are just a few of the recipients:

Loree, who is studying Fundraising Management: A stay-at-home mom and active school volunteer/PTA fundraiser. Sadly, Loree recently lost her husband to cancer and has become her family’s primary provider. The certificate program will help her re-enter the workforce.

“The scholarship will provide me the freedom to walk the path of discovery as I redefine who I am in this second phase of my life.”

Matthew, who is studying Wetland Science and Management: A single dad of a 6-year-old, Matthew juggles childcare with full-time work supervising Washington Conservation Corps crews in the King Conservation District. Struggling to pay rent in Seattle, his aim is to move into a better paid job, with a schedule that better lines up with his daughter’s

“… and a chance to improve the stability of our natural systems in the face of overwhelming pressures like climate change.”

Syed, who is studying Data Analytics: Syed moved to the U.S. from Pakistan two years ago with a master’s degree and work experience in statistics. He is having great difficulty finding a job in his field because he has no local work experience or contacts. He is currently working at Walmart as a cashier to support his wife and 1-year-old son.

“Completing this program will benefit me tremendously and help me to begin my profession, as a data analyst, in the U.S.”

Tobi, who is studying Project Management: Tobi works as a corporate relations coordinator at one of the largest food banks in King County, based in South Seattle. She wants to expand her skillset and go on to lead social impact and corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that ensure the advancement of underrepresented communities.

“The skills I learn in this program will equip me to bring more to the table in this work.”

The Windermere Foundation is proud to support wonderful programs such as these that provide continuing education scholarships to those in need. Generous donations to the Windermere Foundation over the years have allowed the Foundation and our Windermere offices to continue to support local non-profits.

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Windermere Foundation by the Numbers

For the past 29 years, the Windermere Foundation has been helping those in need in our communities through donations to local organizations that provide services to low-income and homeless families. In 2017, the Windermere Foundation raised over $2.4 million in donations, bringing the total to over $35 million raised since we started this effort in 1989. The following infographic details exactly how these funds were dispersed in 2017 and the types of organizations that benefited from them. For more information please visit


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Eastside Windermere Foundation Scholarships for 2015

collegestudentsEvery year, the Eastside Windermere Foundation accepts scholarship applications for high school seniors headed off to college as well as returning college students. We make a point to assist as many students as we can achieve their educational and career goals, especially those who are community focused, academically driven, and in need of a helping hand by way of an educational scholarship.

This year, we had more than 30 scholarship applications from students in the area. Applications came from local high schools such as Secondary Academy for Success, Newport High School, Oliver M. Hazen High School, Lake Washington High School, Redmond High School, Eastside Academy, Emerson High School, Interlake High School, Juanita High School, Woodinville High School, and Issaquah High School. There were also a few post-secondary schools represented such as Lake Washington Institute of Technology, Bellevue College, and Washington State University Vancouver.

Some of the main qualities we look for in scholarship recipients are financial need, leadership skills, community involvement, and academic success. While we look forward to supporting the students who have consistently performed well in the classroom, we also want to help the students who have worked hard to improve their grades and are looking forward to continued improvement in their college and university classes. Some of the most influential students we want to support are those who have already given back to their communities through continuous volunteer efforts.

This year we have selected 21 outstanding students who have represented these traits. An education is one of the most powerful tools a young person can have at their disposal, and it gives us great pleasure to be able to assist as many as we can in achieving their educational goals. With this financial support, we can assist students on the Eastside to go on to become doctors, engineers, technicians, artists, business owners and more.

The most important goal felt among members of the Eastside Windermere Foundation is to let these students know their dreams and goals matter. That no matter what hardships they may have faced, their educational aspirations are important and worthy. We chose these scholarship recipients to help them achieve their goals so that they may make a difference in the lives of others.

Congratulations to the Eastside Windermere Foundation scholarship recipients of 2015!