People on the Move

At the beginning of 2014, CNN Money named Seattle #7 on their list of Top 10 Cities People are Moving To. With a thriving community cultural scene, great coffee, and jobs, “Seattle has become an economic powerhouse, attracting tech workers, outdoors types and those seeking world-class access to arts and entertainment.” CNN Money’s predictions held true throughout the rest of the year. Now that we’ve moved into 2015, is this a trend we should continue to expect?


The numbers agree

The last quarter of 2014 continually held trends of growth and active real estate for Seattle and the Eastside. Our most recent statistics report already shows the strong demand for in-city housing. Over the last year, the median price for a single family home has increased 9.7 percent in Seattle, 6.3 percent in King County, and 10.3 percent on the Eastside.

What does this mean for the Eastside?

We can expect to see this growth in our neighborhoods, too. With large employers like Microsoft and Google keeping offices and campuses on the Eastside, you can expect to see increased activity here as well. The desire for homes in Seattle neighborhoods continues to be strong, but homes on the Eastside will remain a popular choice. Smaller neighborhoods and the separation from the big city, not to mention the rich community life and unique cities east of Lake Washington, is still appealing to many home buyers.

So, while Seattle is highlighted to be a city with rapid growth, the suburbs on the Eastside will continue to see an increase in population, too.

Read the full article here.

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